Who is Modupalli Venkata Prasad ?

Moving beyond a mere vanilla Electrical Engineering graduate, moved into more critical part of Fire and Safety in Construction Industry. NCCER has set in global standards and practices with no compromise when Electrical Engineering remains the key component. I am now NCCER Electrical certified. In the process of working in Mauritius saw the same being implemented also. Working on project site was the real learning beyond mere Electrical. Wind Energy Technology fascinates me as Renewable Energy will be the standard practices in the days to come.

It’s the Construction Technology that gave an insight. When the piping with cabling design is being done, all that is required is the drawing the Fiber Optics cable also for giving the real time data for Green Construction data acquisition. The Smart Energy of IBM technology will reduce the maintenance cost of the assets beyond mere Energy monitoring but also with Fiber Optics allow the Escalator /Lift to any Instrumentation control of Fire and Safety with Video Monitoring. Reducing the Carbon footprint has become the challenge. With Construction having the Green certification would require compliance also by competence. The Energy and Safety Audit is already mandatory at many towns

In residential construction, the X Box Kinect interface makes the living a different experience that works where there is FTTH ( Fiber To The Home ) deployed . Remote shut down of HVAC is possible only when the backbone of Fiber Optics is there.

Why this blog?

To share and understand more of the various Smart township and Cities projects those are coming world across. How Construction technology is reducing the cost of maintenance. At some places it has become mandatory to have Fiber Optics backbone.. I would be sharing the various innovative application of Construction Technology.

Would like to get connected with other experts in this domain to remain updated.  I am presently in India now after the wonderful experience in Mauritius

I can be contact at the mobile number or the email at the end of this note

Good to remain connected and count on me anytime please.

Modupalli Venkata Prasad                                                                                                                                                            Mobile: +91-9448091753 & 9036453272                                                                                                                                               Email:


NCCER Card Number :9066010


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