Advantages of Solar Panels Above Road

30 Jun

Advantages :-

  1. By building Solar Roof on 2 Lane Road, a Power of around 3560 MWh per KM per Year will be Generated, & if number of lanes increases, Output Power will also Increase.
  2. On the same Road, we can collect around 9,75,360 Liters of Rain Water per KM, with 100mm of Rainfall (Average Rainfall in INDIA) & if we consider 700 Liters of Water for an Average Family than around 1400 Families per KM, can be supplied with Enough Water Supply.
  3. In any city, around 10-38% of electricity is supplied for Street Lights, which can be saved, as those advertisement panels will be enough to lighten up the streets, & that 10-38% electricity can be used for supplying electricity to residential or industrial places.
  4. By saving that 10-38% of electricity production, we can save burning of coal or other fuel, which is used for production of electricity, hence we can somehow overcome with the issue of carbon emission, pollution, & helps in saving environment.
  5. These Solar Roof on Roads will be WIN-WIN situation for all 3 sectors of any area/city/country, those are Government, Advertisers (Private Companies) & Public,
    Government :- They have to raise Minimum Funds, as there is NO Requirement of Land Acquisition (as roads are already under there control), & also Major Funds will be provided by the Advertisers (Companies) for Advertisement on side of the road, which helps them to generate Free Electricity, Save Rain Water & also supplying 24×7 Lighting on the Road (will be replacement of street lights).
    Advertisers (Companies) :- They get there Product Marketed 24×7 via Advertisement Panels on Side of Road & also very close to Public.
    Public :- They Receive Shade while moving on the road &, they will receive Ample Amount of Electricity & Water Supply.
  6. It helps in Saving the Other Lands, which is currently used by Advertisers (Companies), where they have placed there Advertisement Hoardings via frames/poles.
  7. These solar roofs on road will be used in Every Season, say in Summer, Rainy & Winters.
  8. It also Protects roads from Over-Heating, as there would be NO direct sunlight on road.
  9. As entire road is covered with these panels, so people can travel via 2-wheeler & avoid 4-wheeler, in all seasons, which helps them in Saving – Fuel, Time, Traffic Jams & Pollution, like,
    In SUMMER – There would be NO direct sunlight,
    In RAINY season – They Won’t Get Wet due to rain, while traveling.
  10. In Rainy Season, these panels are used to Collect the rain water, which helps to Save & Utilize the Rain Water More Efficiently.
  11. As these solar panels covers the entire road, which protect road from getting damaged due to excessive water collection on road in rainy season.
  12. It helps in providing the Anti-Slippery Surface (in rainy & winter season) on road, which avoids Accidents.
  13. In winter, as there is shade on road, so the impact of FOG is less as compared to other open areas, which gives quite clear visibility, so possibility of accidents would be less.
  14. When the FOG deposited above the solar panels melts & becomes water, we will be able to collect that water also, due to rain water collector system.
  15. These solar panels not only covers the city roads but also can be placed at society level roads also, like the roads within society, which helps in reducing the electricity bills of the society homes & also helps in saving the rainwater for society.
  16. As now, everywhere residential building are very high & adjacent to each other, so the space at the Top (Terrace), gap between 2 buildings can utilized by placing solar panels between them, which saves electricity & rainwater for both buildings.
  17. As Future are of Electrical Vehicles, so these panels would also helps charging those vehicle on their way to destination, by building charging stations like Current Refueling stations.
  18. These Solar Panels can be placed anywhere above the ground, the places which are already been used, for example – above the railway tracks, metro tracks, parking lots, Society walkways, in between the two buildings gap (terrace), etc. which helps in generation of electricity as well as saving the rain water.


Those advertisement panels majorly solves the 3 purposes,

  • It lighten the roads, which saves the electricity used by street lights & that electricity can be used anywhere else like in homes, industries, etc.,
  • It also helps in Fighting with Crime, as there will be NO Dark Shade/Place on roads, & also public will be able to identify criminals more precisely under completely lighted roads.
  • Those advertisement panels at divider of roads (More Height w.r.t Width of those panels), also helps in avoiding the direct light from other side vehicle (Headlight) into the eyes of the opposite side driver, which makes driving more easily & helps in overcoming the road accidents.


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