Hot Water Recirculation System- An Innovation In Solar Thermal

20 May


How much energy is wasted?

I wanted  to pass on my experience with our hot water recirculation system, and some measurements on how much energy it wastes.

These systems are designed to get hot water instantly even at faucets distant from the hot water tank, but they can be VERY wasteful if not very carefully designed and implemented.


Homes, Hotels Hospitals with long plumbing runs from the hot water tank to the places where the water is used can have a long wait for hot water.  You turn the hot water tap on, and a minute later it’s still running cold.  This wastes both water and energy, and is an inconvenience.

To overcome this problem, a water recirculation system can be added.  These systems overcome the problem by keeping the water in the hot water supply pipe hot, so that when you turn the tap on, you get instant…

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Posted by on May 20, 2014 in RENEWABLE ENERGY


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