Wind Monitoring project (Parameters to be listed before the construction of wind farm)

04 Mar

The monitoring involves identification of the locations with strong winds, which are close to the Electricity Grids having adequate land for wind farms and to process time series data of wind speed and direction at 10 mtrs and at 20/25/50 mtr levels for periods of 1,3,5 years at the specifed locations. The sites for wind monitoring are selected after extensive survey, considering topographic features and considering other factors. Under this programme winds are measured at 2 levels i.e., at 10 mtrs, at standard height for wind measurement at meteorological observations and at 20/25/50 mtrs level from ground level. The data logging system consists of two or three pairs of wind speed and direction sensors and data logger. The data collected is stored in a removable EPRON chip. The output from these anemometers and wind vanes are processed and the following parameters are computed.

  1. Hourly mean wind speed
  2. Peak wind speed and time occurance
  3. Duration of latest lull
  4. Frequency distribution for wind speed and direction
  5. Diurnal variation of wind speed

The data computed is analysed for the following parameters.

  1. Percentage frequency distribution of hourly wind speeds
  2. Wind roses
  3. Power law index
  4. Mean hourly wind speed
  5. Summary wind data
  6. Air density
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