Maintenance of wind turbine

26 Feb

The most important points to keep in mind for wind turbine maintenance are listed below:

1)Before you even set up your own  wind turbine, make sure that you coat the pipes you’re using for your blades and any parts you’re making out of plywood with UV inhibitor – these materials were never meant to be used outside, so you need to make sure the sun doesn’t wear them down. If you’ve forgotten to do this, simply apply the UV protector ASAP, and try to re-apply it at least a few times per year to protect against damage.

2)Always check the electrical parts of your wind turbine – the battery, DC motor, charge controller, dump load, and inverter – for rust, dust, and water leaks. If you keep these outside, you’ll want to clean them out, inspect them, and replace them if necessary at least 2-3 times per year. UV protector won’t help too much, but your main concern is not sun damage – it’s water damage and rust. You can also cover these with protective flexi-glass or other materials.

3)Maintain your blades – you want to make sure that the edges are still properly rounded, and that each of the 3 blades attached to your wind turbine is the same weight. You can inspect the edges for proper rounding yourself, and use sandpaper and a metal edge to shave off metal if necessary. To check for equal weighting, number the blades, and spin them around a few times to make sure the same blade does not always end up at the bottom – if it does, then you need to shave metal off the shaft connecting it to your hub.

4)Secure fastening: with a wind turbine, you absolutely need to make sure all the parts are securely fastened – but especially the blades, hub, and tail shaft. You can check for this every few months, and if the parts are growing loose, you can tighten them by re-drilling and re-aligning the holes. If the tail shaft becomes loose, you can use something as simple as bungee cord to fix it, tie a few loops to the tower, and make sure it stays in place.

5)General cleaning – there’s nothing too special here. Unlike with DIY solar panels, you’re not too concerned with dust because it won’t build up on blades that are constantly moving – instead, you should worry about rust buildups and possible water damage.

The above  are the 5 main points you need to be concerned with when it comes to wind turbine maintenance – the most important part is to make sure your wind turbines are properly set up in the first place, because if you don’t use UV protector or forget to securely fasten everything in the beginning, you’re sure to encounter problems later on.

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