How To Build A Wind Turbine From Wood

29 Dec

Mini-wind turbine consists of three key components of larger wind turbines: blades, a rotor and a motor.

We can use the basic principles of large windmill generators to make a mini-wind turbine for your home, power small appliances.
Things That We Need
• Lightweight wood
• Wooden pipe
• Small wooden platform
• Wooden tail
• Motor
• Bolts
• Band saw
• Draw knife
• Wood glue

1)Decide how much power you would like to create with your mini-wood turbine. The amount of power you need has a direct bearing on the kind of motor you select. Also, look for a motor rated to produce a relatively high amount of power for a relatively low RPM. When you use a motor as a generator, you dissipate a substantial amount of energy. Consider finding a motor with a slightly higher voltage rating than required and a high power-to-RPM ratio.

2)Build your blades out of lightweight wood. Use a band saw to taper four pieces of wood so the ends are more narrow than the roots. Also, taper the wood so the ends are thinner than the roots. As a rule, make the thickest part of the blade, which should be one-third of an inch from the end, about one-eighth as thick as the blade is wide. Use a draw knife to create a “leading edge,” which is the curved left side of the blade. The left side should be curved, and the right side should be straight.

3)Fashion a rotor, or a pipe-shaped hollow hub, out of a small piece of wooden pipe. Use bolts to connect your blades to the rotor.

4)Use a band saw to cut a piece of wood into a platform large enough to house the rotor, motor and blades, as well as a small wooden tail to keep the turbine turned into the wind. Use the band saw to cut a triangular-shaped piece of wood to use as a tail; attach to one end of the wooden platform with wood glue.

5)Attach the motor to the other end of the wooden platform, using wood glue. Connect the shaft from the rotor to the shaft from the motor. You have finished constructing your wind turbine and are ready to electrically wire it to an AC inverter or to a battery bank — either to power small household appliances or to charge small batteries.

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