Use of advanced Simulation techniques in improving wind turbine design

16 Dec

Advancements in simulation technology continue to provide benefits to engineers in the field of wind power engineering. Wind power engineers now have the ability to simulate all aspects of the wind turbine; from detailed structural models of the blades that determine stresses and strains, to highly accurate aerodynamic models of the rotor that reflect its response to the local wind field. In addition to providing detailed predictions of component/system level performance, advanced optimization software can be used to guide engineers towards more suitable solutions to their design challenges.

A brief overview of state of art simulations tools available is explained. Following the introduction of the tools, two of the most influential simulation technologies will be discussed. Namely, multibody dynamics (Motion Solve) and computational fluid dynamics (AcuSolve).

3 Points of What We Can Expect to Learn:

1. Computer Simulation Technologies that will help deliver optimal wind turbine design and as a result improve turbine power output and overall operating efficiency and performance

2. State of Art Simulation Technologies for Wind Turbine Designers and Engineers

3. Reduce Time to Market and Reduce Dependency on Physical Testing


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Posted by on December 16, 2011 in RENEWABLE ENERGY


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