Problems With Wind Turbines

27 Nov

The problems with wind turbines are explained below


Initial cost

o    As with any renewable technology, the initial cost is high. For a 10Kw turbine, a size that can provide 100 percent of the electric needs of a medium-size home in a medium wind environment, the cost is around $30,000 installed. Grants and credits can be given by the state, federal government and your local utility company for a grid-tied system, but the cost of the equipment alone usually needs six to 20 years to be amortized.


o    A wind turbine needs regular maintenance to remain efficient and provide you with regular energy. Cost of maintenance is generally low, around 1 percent to 3 percent of the initial cost of the turbine each year. The $300 to $900 for annual maintenance costs contributes to the long amortization time. To lower the maintenance cost, it is advised to get as tall of a tower as possible, around 80 to 120 feet to go above the turbulence and lower the amount of stress on the motor.


o    Most wind turbine manufacturers have made progress in lowering the noise of turbines by adding insulation around the generator and building specially profiled blades that reduce noise. However, wind turbines are still noisy, and you should go next to one to hear it for yourself before considering whether to install one on your property. Also consider your neighbors and regulations in your area before beginning the installation. Most manufacturers say that their turbine produces as much sound as a tree does when the wind blows through the leaves.


o    Wind turbines can fall–even if it is very rare–and can be climbed on. Both are dangerous and require special precautions to be taken. The land the wind turbine will be on needs to be big enough, around a half-acre minimum, to allow for the turbine to fall without hitting a building or a neighbor’s property. The lattice tower is easily climbable and might be too tempting for children. Tube towers can either be supported with cables, again making a tempting playground, or be self-supporting, which is no different than electrical posts and is the less tempting of the three designs.


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