How to Measure the Efficiency of Wind Turbines

27 Nov

Wind turbines convert wind to electricity.

Wind mills have been generating energy for centuries. They have gained popularity in recent years because they require no fuel and have generally low maintenance costs. The efficiency of a wind turbine, or wind mill used to produce electricity, is determined by converting energy in the wind, the input energy, to the output of the generator. The potential efficiency of a wind turbine is important when determining if a wind turbine is a valuable addition in a particular location.


Things We Need

  • Tape measure
  • Wind gauge
  • Volt meter


  • Measure the diameter of the wind turbine’s blades using the tape measure. This will be “D” in the formula.
  • Use the wind gauge to determine the speed of the wind. This is “V” in the formula.
  • Calculate the power available in the air by multiplying the density of air (1.29 kilograms per cubic meter) by the diameter of the blades (in meters) squared times the speed of the air (in meters per second) times pi divided by 4. The formula is P = d * D^2 * V^3 * pi/4 where “P” is power, “d” is the density of air, “D” is the diameter of the blades and “V” is the speed of the air.
  • Measure the power output of the generator using the volt meter.
  • Divide the output of the generator (in watts) by the input from the wind to get the efficiency of the the wind turbine.


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