How to install a Micro Wind Turbine

18 Nov

Small wind turbines are easy to install and maintain.

Micro wind turbines are light and easy to install. The main items needed are a mast, a base with a means of raising and lowering the turbine and a pivot bearing at the top so that the turbine will always face into the wind. The power wire from the turbine will come down inside the mast and, depending on the voltage of the turbine, can be used to charge batteries or be connected directly to a home’s electrical system.

  • Place the 8-inch pipe through the T fitting. Assemble the two 4-inch pieces, the angles and the 8-inch piece of galvanized pipe into a U shape with the T fitting free to rotate around the 8-inch pipe. Attach two of the floor mounts to the free ends of the 4-inch pipes. Screw the floor mounts into the plywood base. Attach the 1.25-inch pipe and the reduction fitting to the free end of the T fitting. Attach one of the 10-inch lengths of pipe to the reduction fitting.
  • Attach the remaining floor mount to the bottom of the micro turbine. The micro turbine may have to be mounted on a wood or metal base of suitable size to allow the floor mount to be attached. The floor mount must be attached so the micro turbine will be balanced. Drill a hole inside the floor mount and feed the power wire from the wind turbine through it. Attach the remaining 10-inch length of galvanized pipe to the floor mount with the power wire coming out the bottom
  • Stake the plywood base firmly to the ground. Slide the conduit over the galvanized pipe. Attach the guy wires to the conduit with the clamps. Drill a hole 12 inches from the bottom of the conduit for the wind turbine wire to exit. Slide the wind turbine assembly pipe into the top of the conduit, taking care to feed the power wire down inside the conduit and out the hole at the bottom.
  • Raise the wind turbine tower and provisionally stake the guy wires to hold it up. Check to make sure the tower is vertical and adjusts the guy wires accordingly. Connect the wind turbine power wire to the batteries or to the household electrical system, depending on the output voltage and whether the output is AC
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