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09 Nov

Fabulous & Colourful Wind Turbine Designs
Wind technology has never been the same again. Its development has indeed come to its peak. More and bigger wind farms were now operational across the globe. Wind turbine manufacturers have come up to more innovated and adaptable models. The amount of power generated from wind machinery can now sustain more than what a nation needs. Most of all, stunning and very impressive designs of wind turbines from personalized accents to tourism-inspired concepts were now invented attracting many people and minimizing avian fatalities through its eco-friendly colours and features. Let us see some of them here:

The Aard Concept – Combining wind and solar power

Out of the brilliant idea of a Finnish named Artu-Matti Immonen, two alternative energy generating mechanisms were made one on an impressive design of wind turbine. Immonen has managed to combine wind and solar power in a trio of attractive stalked generators. He created this design based on Aard concept having compact, unobtrusive and attractive features that is nonetheless ideal for both urban areas and isolated habitats. Resembling a lamp made from cobalt blue Murano glass, each apparatus is actually formed from eight flexible photovoltaic modules. When a constant level of sunlight falls upon the modules, the wind picks up, and the modules swing to catch the breeze, generating electricity via a central dynamo.

The Wind Tamer – Conspiring floral beauty and wind power

The Wind Tamer is another gorgeous design of wind turbines that defies the usual bright, white and often out of place wind turbines in rural surroundings. Irregardless of the clean energy they provide, large commercial wind turbines or wind farms have been called eyesores. To address this issue head on, this intriguing Wind Tamer was designed and constructed by aping a floral feature. The wind turbine design is offset by a leaf-green central housing, bladed turbine and supporting ribs to make it more attractive since the collection cone of the turbine is plain white.

The Flag Flap VAWT Design – Expressing the art of nationalism

Diamond Wind Solutions made another catchy design under their Greenpower Utility System line of vertical axis wind turbines. They have been consistent offering buyers not only a choice of custom colors, but by suggesting a number of different graphics packages including the country flags and camouflage designs. This is another model of vertical axis wind turbines which has compact size and mounted close to the ground.

Israel Wind Energy’s Custom Design – Resolving conflicts through wind power

Israel Wind Power and Brothers Engineering Group have combined full force for a partnership dedicated to selling wind turbines locally and internationally. It will be a business collaboration in the area of wind energy that will serve as a bridge of peace for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Hoping to kindle a broader sense of national pride among Palestinians striving for economic success, the people behind the two organizations added Palestinian national colors to their wind turbines making it more attractive and inspiring.

The Siemens Superstar – Glowing through the blowing substance

The city of Munich in Germany has never been this stunning with its beautiful beacon of light in its spectacular soccer stadium. The gorgeous design of a huge wind turbine has been lit up with 9,000 LED lights making it visible from up to 30 kilometers of distance. Its huge size does not necessarily mean that it is extravagant and wasteful. In fact, the entire system uses only as much electricity as a single hair dryer. The light and wind powering machine was designed by Traxon Technologies and artist Michael Pendry for the Media Architecture Biennale 2010 and was named as the “Siemens Superstar”. This design became the world’s largest revolving media screen for a few weeks around Christmas of 2009.

Golan Wind Farm Turbine Design – Contrasting colors turn gorgeous

A well-acknowledged print artist and professional photographer, Assaf Frank has taken some snap shots of this peculiarly colored wind turbines and well-patterned wind farm on the Golan Heights in Israel. The taken pictures convey contrast between the sky color and the spiral-striped buff-and-white paint of the wind turbines which made them look picturesque and stir up a sense of ancient history while we are currently on the leading edge of innovative technology.

Windwärts Rainbow Design – Blending wind power with Technicolor lights

One of the largest energy providers in Germany, Windwärts Energie GmbHne has produced a total capacity of 182 megawatts along with their different forms of energy productions. This shows that they are always compassionate on supporting any organizations and activities that promote alternative ways of power generation. One of their major projects is taking part in the Hanover Expo-Region Climate Protection Programme where they teamed up with Parisian artist Patrick Raynaud. The collaboration came up with a wind turbine that looks to be a cross between a Christmas tree and a Festivus pole.

Berlin’s Wind Turbines with LED Lights – Turning blows to glows

Germany is really one of the coolest places when it comes to picturesque and refreshing infrastructures. A public art project called Windmove caught the attention of installing colored LED lights on the blades of quite a number of wind turbines along the boundaries of Berlin. Christoph Ernst, an acclaimed artist who first conceived the design managed to run the visual display within the last three months of 2007. The strips of LED lights look unobtrusive during daytime, but when the night is on, the light shows like a swing-into-action rhythm and the wind sets the turbine blades spinning at high speeds.

The Lantern Style VAWT – Making power out of the petite

This is another stunning design of vertical axis wind turbine which is known as the “lantern style” type of windmills. This new design of wind turbine is said to be exceptionally stable and unique, as it features many small wind pressure collectors instead of the typical three-bladed wind turbines. This wind turbine was designed and manufactured by one of the big energy fabricators in China – the Qingdao Jinfan Energy Science & Technology Co. Ltd. The company makes business with Qingteng International Trading Co. Ltd., which offers on sale this line of vertical axis wind turbines in a variety of colors.

Black-Bladed Wind Turbines: Defying the ugly notion of black

Another catchy design of wind turbines is on the block. 76 of them are scattered in the wind farm along the Buffalo Ridge in Minnesota, having around 25-Megawatt capacity. Aside from their massive, the big black blades of these wind turbines will really catch your attention and will push you to take pictures on. The Lake Benton wind farm is expected to have more black-bladed wind turbines sometime in the future as it is projected to have a total generating capacity of 425 MW. The story behind the black color of the blades speaks that dark coloration absorbs heat from sunlight, thus keeping the blades much more ice-free than if they were painted the standard white or gray.

Wind turbines have come of age and diversity. From colors, structures, designs, materials, to its way of collecting wind pressure, wind turbines as the masterpiece of the wind industry have indeed took part in the binding of technology and art. On the energy horizon, these wind turbines become a permanent fixture, also the reason why many wind turbine manufacturing companies came out. As wind technology continues to innovate, we will be expecting more designs of wind turbines coming – better, more functional, more efficient.

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