31 Oct


Wind Energy is the environment generated, environment friendly green source of energy
Our nature is a source of energy in many forms. Wind is one such energy which is in abundance and is totally environment friendly. Wind energy is one of the most preferred sources of clean energy. Wind energy has been used by man since time immemorial and is still being used in various forms.
We must have seen wind mills with their propellers rotating in the wind that is used to convert wind energy into electricity. Many ways of tapping wind energy are known to most of us but there are few that we don’t know. Here is a list of 5 such smart uses of wind energy.
1. Power generating wind mills or wind turbines
Electricity is the major source of energy used worldwide for various devices used by us in home or commercially. Since the invention of electricity almost every device used by us requires electricity as the source of energy. The conventional way to generate electricity requires the use of petroleum product or coal which generates heat for the production of energy. This leads to the emission of various toxic gases and waste products causing harm to the environment. Wind turbines are one such power generating machines that use wind energy as the source of energy to generate power. Many such turbines are being used worldwide on a large scale and even individual smaller turbines are also used. The principle is to tap the ever flowing energy of the wind to rotate the propellers that rotates the turbines to generate electricity. This electricity is then stored in the batteries and/or used to run electric devices. These days wind turbines are being used to provide green power to various industries and residential complexes.
2. Wind powered vehicles
Recently it was proved in Australia that wind energy can be used to run vehicles where recently a car was made to run 3100 miles in Australia with the help of kites harnessing the power of wind. When in motion the cars batteries were charged and then this stored power was used to run the car when there was no wind. But it was proved that a car can be run solely on just wind energy. The total cost of running the car to 3100 mile came out to be $15, it’s really green and economical.
3. Wind powered sea ships
One of the most ancient uses of wind power as seen in history is the use of wind energy to power the motion of sailing ships in the sea. Even today this is one of the most abundant sources of energy, the one that never veins off. This green source of energy once used to power small boats and ships to sail is now recently been used to power a cargo ship too. This was done by attaching a huge kite. By doing so this dramatically reduced the consumption of fuel and also reduced carbon dioxide emission, thus conserving the nature.
4. Wind powered sports
Hundreds of sports have used the power of wind to energize our passion for sports. Adventure lies in speed and there are many sports that use the energy of wind to speed up these sports. Everything from simple kite flying to sailing in the river/sea, kite surfing, Para-sailing, wind-skiing and many more are being powered by the energy of wind. Hot air balloon sports also use the power of wind energy to move from one place to another. Being a natural source of energy that is 100% green and leaves no harmful residue the power of wind is a great way to energize the sports.
5. Wind powered water pumps
In many countries and communities the power of wind energy has been used to pump water out of the ground. The process is simple and just used the same wind mill that is used in wind turbine and this time the mill is not used to rotate the turbine but used to move the water pump, in turn forcing the water to pump out of the ground. The use of wind energy to pump water is a great way to help a village or community where a continuous supply of water is needed and the area is devoid of any river to provide water for daily needs as well as for irrigation purposes for farming.
Needless to say that wind energy is the green source and the most abundantly available source of energy, its application are required to be innovated so that we can get an unlimited source of green energy and at the same time we can connect with the mother nature.

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