21 Oct

I am an Electrical Engineer from India presently undergoing NCCER accreditation till Feb 2012. Based in Mauritius . This is one process where the prospective recruiter can validate my competence from NCCER Registry also. Yet this blog is all about to share to what is the most contemporary in Wind Energy. That is where my domain specialization shall be . Sharing the latest trends of Technology and Innovation. The various projects shared are to know which Prospective Recruiter will be the best bet. I am very open to share my learning the exacting demands of Engineering designs and trouble shooting . I share to learn more.

I am available for job in Feb 2012 only but ready for the dialogue now itself. My preference of the job relocation are North America, Europe, Australia, ASIAN and Middle East. I am ready to Mentor other prospective Engineers for Overseas Core Engineering project through NCCER . Adopt the mode of Self learning and practical process. No cut paste CV will ever win the jobs. Count on me anytime

Modupalli venkata prasad
Nccer Electrical Trainee
Reg No 000185946

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Posted by on October 21, 2011 in RENEWABLE ENERGY


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